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One Direction  clanClan ID No. 507Click for info!

Clan Details:

Members: 3
Homepage Hits: 7059
Founded: 01/01/70
Started By: user»annielucy

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what makes you beautiful
by annielucy







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if you love one direction from the x-factor join this clan please please please


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Scout display pic
OMG im soooo ubsessed with 1D i have all 5 of their autographs and im so ubsessed my mates think im goone MAD xx
posted Sun 13/11/11 12:02pm by online status Smiles

Scout display pic
then join the clan
posted Sun 09/10/11 11:53am by online status annielucy

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please join the clan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted Fri 22/04/11 7:27pm by online status annielucy

Scout display pic
grin scoutgrin scouti went 2 the x factor tour + i got all 5 autographs grin scoutgrin scout
posted Thu 14/04/11 2:23pm by online status Smiles

Scout display pic
I heart scout one direction
posted Fri 24/12/10 9:57am by online status Smiles

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