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by online statusPeter Scout display pic   

Handy poultice.....

Last updated 03/04/07
Have you ever had a nasty splinter from firewood, or a thorn in your hand....? well some of these are more painful than others, but depending on the wood and the thorn, some can get septic very easily...almost in hours. The splinters from say, teak or oak or a thorn from Gorse can be very sore and to treat them with a poultice, you can use soft soap and sugar!

Fig1. Mash a little soap which has been softened in water
Fig3. Spoon it onto a bandage or clean hankie
Fig4. Apply a coating of ordinary sugar
Fig5. fix it to the would.
The poultice will draw out the splinter and leave the injured part clean and ready for a standard plaster 'till its healed.

You can also use a poultice made up of ordinary white bread soaked in salted boiling water and apply it as hot as you can will do the same as above, but can be messy...and sore and you will need a lot of bandage.


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this is something that every scout should know its really good i have to say i always just pull it out but this is so much better!
posted 9 years ago by online statuscolt_4_life!   ... reply directly


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